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Wildland Fire Gear for the Frontline

As the summer heat index increases, wildland fires pose a higher threat to communities and environments surrounded by highly-flammable vegetation. With unusually dry conditions, wildfires have become more likely to morph into larger scale megafires.

Due to alternating weather patterns, wildfires continue to rage on through changing seasons. Through this, wildland firefighters are spending longer periods of time in diverse environments, challenging the strength of their gear and pushing comfort to the limit.

Wildland firefighting gear is substantially different than turnout gear. Generally consisting of brush pants, long-sleeved yellow fire shirt, or overcoat, wildland fire gear is designed to be well-fitted and lightweight.

What are the Safety Requirements for Wildland Firefighters?

It is essential for wildland firefighters to go through dynamic training, providing an emphasis on structure protection, evacuation, and rescue. With the changing terrain and re-adaptation as a wildfire grows and spreads, operations are maintained through aggressive risk management. Providing the proper protective apparel will ensure ample protection necessary on the fire line.

What PPE Does a Wildland Firefighter Wear?

Wildland fire shirts are inherently flame resistant with a bright yellow fabric, providing contrast against surrounding environmental factors. With two-piece curved set-in sleeves, vented Yoke, large cargo/hand warmer pockets, and LazerMax™ trim, Lakeland wildland shirts are constructed for maximum comfort and visibility.

Wildland fire pants are designed to have large pockets for storage and total leg coverage with freedom of movement. Lakeland wildland pants offer triple pleated knees for durability when crawling or crouching, side slash/expansion pockets, and elasticized cuffs with rugged take-up straps for secure protection. Also offered in a spruce green, Lakeland brush pants include vented features in the leg to increase airflow.

For full coverage in a single garment, wildland coveralls provide an added layer of protection with multiple pocket and storage options. Lakeland wildland coveralls bring the unique features of the wildland shirt and brush pants with vertical back pleats and set-in sleeves for maximum mobility, variations of pass-thru and expansion pockets for easily accessible storage, and LazerMax™ Trim on outside arm/body/leg for superior nighttime visibility.

Other important protective equipment required include wildland boots, gloves, helmets, eye protection, and respirators to defend against some of these seemingly identified hazards.

To learn more about wildfire protection and Lakeland wildland gear, contact a Lakeland Fire specialist here.

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