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Firefighter Combat Challenge Course Layout and Events

Firefighter Combat Challenge Event - Firefighter participating in the victim rescue event

“The hardest two minutes in sports.” Explosive cardio, weighted obstacles, and mental stress redefine the meaning of great competition on the Firefighter Combat Challenge course. What began as a measurement of the physical demands of structural firefighters by exercise physiologist and former firefighter Dr. Paul Davis evolved into the first competition in 1991.

The five events in a Firefighter Combat Challenge race:

  1. Stair Climb with High Rise Pack
  2. Hose Hoist
  3. Forcible Entry
  4. Hose Advance
  5. Victim Rescue

Stair Climb with High Rise Pack

Stair Climb event at firefighter combat challenge
Replicating a five-story building where water is needed at the top, the competitor must carry 42 lb. hose up six flights of stairs with 10 steps each level. When reaching the top, the competitor must place the hose in a container.

Hose Hoist

Hose Hoist event at firefighter combat challenge
Immediately following the hose placement, the competitor must pull up a 42-pound hose roll to the top of the tower, using a hand-over motion pull.

Forcible Entry

Forcible Entry event at firefighter combat challenge
Descending down the tower, touching the handrail and each step, the competitor hops on to the Keiser Force Machine, a forcible entry simulator, which takes a 9.5-pound shot mallet to an inserted beam that must be moved 5 ft.

Hose Advance

Hose Advance event at firefighter combat challenge
Sprinting 140 feet, then hoisting a pressurized hose for 75 feet through swinging doors, the competitor must open the hose nozzle as the doors open, hitting a small target with the hose water.

Victim Rescue

Victim Rescue event at firefighter combat challenge

The final event requires the competitor to pick a 175-pound mannequin from the ground beneath the arms and drag it backwards for 100 feet. Failure to do this exact motion or drag through the finish line will result in time penalty.

This elite competition offers employed and retired firefighters the chance to compete while wearing full bunker and SCBA tanks. The Firefighter Combat Challenge demonstrates the demanding physical and mental efforts faced by firefighters on the job.

Are you up for the challenge?

Check out our Lakeland Fire Combat Challenge team members to learn more about their experience winning in Lakeland Stealth.

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