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Michael Greene

About  Michael Greene

My name is Michael Greene, and I am a native of south Alabama. My career in the fire service started 17 years ago. I knew shortly after September 11, 2001 that the fire service was my calling. This career path aligned perfectly with a passion I have for helping others. I absolutely love the “job” and the brotherhood that is formed within the fire service. I have worked for three different fire departments throughout my career. In 2014, I joined Semmes Fire Rescue, a smaller department northwest of Mobile, AL. Currently we serve 4500 residents within the city limits. Our fire jurisdiction is roughly 50 square miles and consistently growing.

Over the years, health and fitness has become a second passion for me. It is a vital part of being a successful fireman and I believe it is also what gets me home to my family safely after each shift. In 2016, I saw an advertisement on ESPN about the Combat Challenge being the “toughest two minutes in sports.” I started training to participate and ran my first race in 2017, I was hooked! I wanted to train for a better time than my race before. Competing not only keeps me in shape to be the best fireman I can be–but also used as a tool to motivate others.

Lakeland Influencer Sean Sullivan has been an excellent mentor and someone I have looked up to on and off the course. I borrowed an extra set of his Lakeland Stealth competition gear last season to compete in multiple Combat Challenges. After weeks of training and running a few races in his Lakeland gear, I was sold. Right after our Worlds Competition, I ordered my own custom set of Lakeland competition gear. The athletic fit, protection, durability, as well as the added confidence I get when operating in the gear were my top reasons for my purchase.

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Jared Johnson carrying hose in firefighter challenge
“I chose Lakeland not only because their gear spec is one of the most custom, athletic fit, and mobile options on the market today, but because the standard they set internally to ensure firefighters have the best and safest gear options available is at their highest level of concern.”

Jared Johnson, 3rd Generation Firefighter
Team ATX | the Austin Fire Department

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